Thursday, February 13, 2014

Imagining Narnia

Remember when it snowed on the poppy field in the movie, Wizard of Oz? Well instead of leading to the Emerald City the poppy field ends at Narnia! I also rather loosely tied Oz and Narnia together because they both have lions. But enough of justifying the WHY of my image! This post is more about HOW I put the photo collage together. It all started when I read this CoffeeShop Narnia Fantasy Art Tutorial for Photoshop/PSE. I use PaintShop Pro X6, but it was easy to adapt the tutorial. I also used free images from Pixabay and a free snow overlay from the Florabella Collection.

(click image for a larger view)

I made the photo collage and then had to find a couple of challenges to enter it into: This week's check-in at Creative Everyday and the Show and Tell Art Challenge at Inspiration Avenue.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is there value in having a following?

I just joined Bloglovin.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I need to figure out how to make more use of Google Friend Connect, which is on most Blogger blogs, and how it works with Google +. So far I don't use Google +. Does anyone?! I also use Networked Blogs.

To actually read blogs I like the Blogger Dashboard's built in Reading list. But for something more robust, that you can breakdown into categories, I like feedly. When Google Reader shut down a lot of users migrated to feedly.

As I take my art and blogging more seriously I hope all these services will be even more useful. Right now they are giant time suckers. I can hop around all kinds of blogs, wishing I had done this project or that thing to my own blog.