Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fire and Ice

I'm still working with the theme "Opposites" over at The Sketchbook Challenge. This is a spiral of fire and ice with flames shooting up and water dripping down. This is totally improbable if you think about it. The melting ice really should be quenching the fire. So what the heck is feeding the fire?! I guess in art all things are possible. ;) Then when I got done I realized that the two page spread were opposites in of themselves... one side with a black background and one side with a white background.

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  1. Hi Mary, I found your blog through 21 secrets. Just arrived on the playground this week and am visiting the other artist's sites. I love this fire and ice drawing. Is it a drawing or painting? Also noticed the zentangle books, I love to zentangle! See you on the playground! Stacie