Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembrance Of Things Past...

(Click on image for a larger view.) I found it hard to tie these two images together from Art Creations Friday Challenge 86. The first image is a carte de visite or cabinet card of a woman in mourning. The second image is a couple of pages from book a on what would befall you if you don't tow the line... to put it mildly. I also think they are from two different centuries: the late 19th and somewhere in the 18th. Certainly nothing cheery would result from combining these images and adding other freebie elements to complete a digital collage. So I just went what came to mind on this somber day for us all, September 11th. Any problem I encountered in creating this was really just one of scale. Was the book too small and the key too big? Was the ribbon too tiny and the card huge? When I got done the overall impression was rather foreboding and dark.